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On 6 January 2006 the brand new Staf Versluys Meeting and Event Centre located in the attractive coastal municipality of Bredene has launched on its ‘maiden trip’. Since then on this modern and multifunctional building named after a famous yachtsman who’s been around the globe is fully open to all meetings, seminars and conventions!

It holds all modern amenities for tailor made meetings, seminars and conventions. The high tech auditorium and the event space have all necessary facilities for large scale events. 

The Staf Versluys Meeting and Event Centre at the Paelsteenveld in Bredene is located at just 110 yards from the sea, the beach and the dunes and it is bound to become a centrepiece when organising your meetings and events at the coast!
Kapelstraat 76
8450 Bredene
059 56 19 60
Openingsuren secretariaat:
Maandag, dinsdag en vrijdag van
8:00 - 12:15 / 12:45 - 17:00
Woensdag van
8:00 - 12:15 / 12:45 - 16:15
Donderdag van
8:00 - 12:15 / 12:45 - 16:30